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What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

Our new adhesives are named based on a logical and easy-to-understand system that tells you everything you need to know about the product at a glance. Here’s a quick explainer…

Each product name is divided into three parts: the market segment, the technology and performance, and the characteristics.

The market segment refers to the type of adhesive it is. There are the four different types in the range:

STIX = Soft floor adhesive

FIX = Tackifier

CONTACT = Contact adhesive

WOOD = Wood floor adhesive

Next comes the technology and performance. This is signified by a letter, representing the type of technology the product uses…

A = Acrylic

H = Hybrid

N = Neoprene

P = Polyurethane

… followed by three numbers, signifying the product’s performance level:

900 = Specialty

800, 700 = Best

500 = Better

300, 200, 100 = Good

Finally, each product name ends with a word describing that product’s defining characteristic, whether CLASSIC, MULTI, BEST, TEX, ELASTIC or PREMIUM – or a combination of these.

Got that? Great. Now you’ll be able to select the right adhesive from our new range in seconds, with the peace of mind that you are always using the best possible product for the application.

To explore the range, click here. For more information, contact your local Area Sales Manager.