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Starting at the ground floor

Starting at the ground floor

Mac Wells, Commercial Director at Fantasy Floors Ltd, discusses life as a newly formed flooring contractor and what he looks for in a supplier.

Our company was born six years ago when Brad, our now Managing Director, set out as a sole trader after wrapping up a successful career doing commercial fit-outs on cruise ships around the world. Then, in 2022, Brad joined forces with me and Mark (our other Director) to form a limited company combining our knowledge and contacts.

We have a terrific employee base of fitters who have made our first year incredibly rewarding. As a fast-growing company, it’s always a challenge to maintain cash flow, but luckily, we have great help from our financial advisors and accountants. They enable us to work closely with our chosen suppliers to build the relationships and trust that will ensure we can continue growing at a smooth and steady rate.

Consistent communication

The suppliers we work with are paramount to our success. What we look for above everything else is company personality. We don’t want a copy-and-paste approach, but rather one where the supplier considers the specific needs of the project and there is consistent communication throughout. Only then can we deliver the level of service we pride ourselves on.

That’s where Bostik excels, as shown by our recent refurbishment of Beaucroft Foundation School in Dorset. It was a tricky project with various types of subfloors to tackle – some of which were damaged – but Bostik’s technical team  made it easy with their detailed and expert recommendations.

Throughout the project, they provided smart recommendations, great products, and a can-do attitude that meant they were available whenever needed. Their expertise and product knowledge were invaluable and we will certainly continue to use them due to the tailored nature of their service.

The future is bright

Flooring is a great industry and has the power to create friendships that last a lifetime. The job satisfaction is huge on completion of projects like Beaucroft Foundation School. At the same time, if I could change one thing about the industry, it would be the tendency for people and companies to throw shade at others instead of working to create a better situation. It’s something that harms us all in the end.

However, I’m very much of the opinion that the future of the industry is exciting. There’s so much potential in flooring. Yes, we have a lot of work to do to become more environmentally friendly (making recycling carpets easier would be a great start!), but I’m confident we’ll get there and we can’t wait to play our part. The support of suppliers like Bostik will be crucial to this and everything else we achieve.

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