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INTRODUCING STIX A300 MULTI FLOOR – our multi-functional acrylic adhesive

INTRODUCING STIX A300 MULTI FLOOR – our multi-functional acrylic adhesive

Sometimes, the best adhesive to have in your armoury is one that works with a wide variety of floor coverings. That’s why we’ve launched STIX A300 MULTI FLOOR, our brand-new multi-functional acrylic adhesive.

With STIX A300 MULTI FLOOR, you can install a range of PVC floor coverings, including sheet and tile form, homogeneous and heterogeneous, semi-flexible tiles, cushion-backed vinyl, as well as some textiles.

The IMO-certified adhesive, which comes in a 12kg bucket, offers both exceptional handling characteristics and a long open time, meaning it’s easy to apply as well as convenient and stress-free to work with.

This, combined with its high initial tack, allows you to focus on doing the best job possible, safe in the knowledge that the floor coverings will be bonded securely.

The solvent-free STIX A300 MULTI FLOOR also has low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, meaning it’s safer for installers and has less impact on building occupants during the installation.


Bostik STIX A300 MULTI FLOOR product characteristics:

Waiting time: 10-15 minutes

Open time: 50-60 minutes

Foot traffic: 12 hours

Coverage: Up to 48m² per 12kg


To find out more, click here, or contact your local Area Sales Manager.