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Bostik leads the way with Guide Dogs charity project

Bostik leads the way with Guide Dogs charity project
Subfloor preparation and flooring adhesives
Screedmaster One Coat Membrane, Universal Primer, Screedmaster Smooth, Bostik’s BEST
Guide Dogs Training School, Leamington Spa

Bostik has donated a range of subfloor preparation products and flooring adhesives for use as part of a charitable initiative to improve the facilities at the Guide Dogs Training School in Leamington Spa.

One of four across the country, the centre trains around 220 guide dogs a year – from basic tasks such as leading in a straight line to more advanced requirements including learning to stop for cars and bonding with their eventual owners.

The four-week project, organised by main contractor Wilmott Dixon as part the company’s commitment to supporting local communities, aimed to transform the centre’s garage training area into a safer and more pleasant indoor space. The renovated facility would allow for more versatile training and, due to increased space, the ability for more dogs to be trained.

To install the flooring in the new training area, Wilmott Dixon contacted Westcotes Flooring, who were happy to support such a worthwhile cause. Westcotes then specified 330m2 of resilient vinyl floor covering and turned to long-term supplier Bostik for its subfloor preparation and flooring adhesive needs.


During the early stages of the project, Bostik’s technical team visited the site to carry out preliminary testing, which revealed a high level of moisture in the concrete subfloor. Bostik then prepared a subfloor specification report for Westcotes, helping to determine which of its products would be used.

“We’ve worked with Bostik for many years, and value their service and reactivity very highly, so I had no hesitation in approaching them this time,” says Kirk Nicol, Managing Director (Midlands) at Westcotes Flooring. “True to form, Bostik responded very quickly and were soon on the site to carry out their preliminary tests.

“The report they produced allowed us to make decisions quickly – which was very much the name of the game on this project – and ensured that those decisions were the right ones.”


Based on the company’s recommendations, Westcotes used a number of Bostik products to ensure the vinyl floor covering was applied in the best and most efficient way possible.

First, Westcotes applied Bostik’s Screedmaster One Coat Membrane, which supressed the moisture in the subfloor with a single coating.

Next, the company used Bostik’s quick-drying Universal Primer, followed by the free- flowing, cementitious water mix smoothing compound, Screedmaster Smooth. Designed to ensure an extremely smooth and level subfloor, Screedmaster Smooth provided the perfect finish on which to bond the floor covering.

This was done with the multi-functional Bostik’s BEST adhesive, whose best-in-class handling characteristics and excellent open time range ensured the project could be completed as quickly as possible, with no compromise on the quality or strength of the bond. Bostik’s BEST also provides high resistance to plasticiser migration.


Thanks to the work carried out by Bostik and the other companies in the supply chain, the Guide Dogs Training School has been transformed. This will ensure that more, better-trained guide dogs can be matched with people who need them in order to live ordinary lives.

“This project will change lives,” comments James Rosher, Technical Service Consultant at Bostik, “and that’s why we were delighted to offer our products and services free-of-charge. We pride ourselves on the efficiency and excellence of our service on every job we do. The nature of this one makes knowing we succeeded all the sweeter.”

Carl Harper, Managing Director (London) at Westcotes Flooring concludes: “Whenever I need a subfloor preparing, I invariably turn to Bostik. Once again, their reaction was rapid and they provided first-class support and the perfect products for the application. I also know that, should any problems arise in the future, they’re just a phone call away with great technical back-up.”