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Bostik helps steer hospital project through COVID-19 lockdown

Bostik helps steer hospital project through COVID-19 lockdown
Subfloor preparation and flooring adhesives
Screedmaster One Coat Membrane, Screedmaster One Coat Accelerator, Universal Primer, Screedmaster Epoxy Primer, Screedmaster Flow, Screedmaster Flex, Bostik Roll
Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital

Technical advice and quality subfloor preparation products and flooring adhesives from Bostik have enabled the progress of a new hospital building.

Built to address capacity and demand issues, the new 3,600m² three storey ward block at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital will treat high-dependency patients and stroke victims across two of its floors, with the other floor acting as an acute medical unit (AMU).

Nationwide Flooring Contracts was employed by MTX Contracts to install safety vinyl and anti-static flooring throughout the building. With time at a premium and many companies operating with reduced capacity, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Nationwide Flooring Contracts turned to Bostik for product recommendations and technical advice.

Once contacted by Nationwide Flooring Contracts, Bostik’s technical team visited the site at short notice, carrying out moisture testing on the subfloors of the modular building while adhering to government guidelines on social distancing. The team then compiled a report for Nationwide that outlined a methodology and system of products for how best to tackle the job.

“Time was tight and we needed help quickly,” explains Simon Charnley, Project Manager at Nationwide Flooring Contracts. “It was a difficult situation, but Bostik immediately understood our requirements and were quickly on site to carry out the preliminary tests.”

Based on Bostik’s recommendations, Nationwide Flooring Contracts installed the floor coverings using a variety of Bostik products, each meeting the specific demands of the project.

To suppress the residual moisture in the subfloor, Nationwide used Screedmaster One Coat Membrane with Screedmaster One Coat Accelerator, Bostik’s single-component additive for speeding up the cure rate of One Coat Membrane. This ensured that the surface membrane would cure overnight, allowing the project to continue the next morning without delay.

Nationwide Flooring Contracts primed most of the subfloors using Bostik Universal Primer, before applying the high-flow, easy-trowelling Screedmaster Flow smoothing compound. As Bostik Screedmaster Flow is totally protein and casein free, it’s suitable for use in biologically sensitive areas, while the low odour formulation also makes it ideal for use in occupied buildings.

For areas likely to be affected by large medical equipment nearby, Bostik supplied its Screedmaster Epoxy Primer and fibre-reinforced Screedmaster Flex smoothing compound, which is specially designed for use where vibration and minimal thermal movement can be problematic.

For the skirting in the ward block, Nationwide used Bostik Roll, the company’s solvent-free, reinforced adhesive tape. As Bostik Roll is dry, there is no curing time required, making it perfect for time-sensitive projects. The fact that it is solvent-free also means it is ideal for healthcare applications, since there is less impact on building occupants.

Thanks to Bostik’s technical recommendations and first-class products, Nationwide Flooring Contracts was able to install the floor coverings, despite the challenges of the lockdown.

“Bostik were supportive, proactive and reliable in a tough situation for us,” said Simon Charnley. “The recommendations they made were detailed and accurate, and whenever we needed advice on an aspect of the installation they obliged immediately and with a great attitude. The products they supplied us with were excellent too, so I can’t rate them highly enough.”

Milo Watson, Area Sales Manager at Bostik, comments: “This was a challenging time for construction and the UK as a whole, but we see our role as helping our customers to overcome all difficult circumstances. We were delighted to help Nationwide Flooring Contracts on this occasion and look forward to working with them on other projects in the future.”