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Army of Bostik products specified for Beacon Barracks redevelopment

Army of Bostik products specified for Beacon Barracks redevelopment
Subfloor preparation and flooring adhesives
Bostik Screedmaster One Coat DPM with Accelerator, Bostik Screedmaster Rapid DPM, Bostik Screedmaster Rapid Repair Mortar, Bostik Screedmaster Universal Primer, Bostik Screedmaster Ultimate smoothing compound, Bostik Laybond Vinyl Adhesive and Bostik Laybond Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
Beacon Barracks, Stafford

A full system of Bostik subfloor preparation products and flooring adhesives has been used within storage, office and medical facilities as part of the £100m redevelopment of Beacon Barracks in Stafford.

Following a technical survey by Bostik, M&W Flooring Contractors, working for Lawlors Ltd, specified Bostik’s market-leading Screedmaster One Coat DPM with Accelerator to protect the new floor coverings from subfloor moisture, after discovering that direct to earth installations would be required within one of the existing buildings.


Bostik Screedmaster Universal Primer was applied to the DPM, before Screedmaster Ultimate smoothing compound was floated out to a 3mm thickness. Bostik Laybond Vinyl and Pressure Sensitive adhesives were then used to adhere carpets, linoleum, rubber and safety flooring.

In other buildings, Screedmaster Rapid DPM and Screedmaster Rapid Repair Mortar were used for additional speed.

Commenting on the project, Tim McSweeney of M&W Flooring said: “Bostik is an internationally recognised brand which offered a valuable moisture reading service. Based on the findings, Bostik developed the ideal solution, producing a product specification to meet the stringent requirements of the main contractor and the Ministry of Defence (MOD). This allowed us to install a variety of floor coverings throughout both new and existing buildings, safe in the knowledge that moisture would not be able to compromise their performance.

“One of the real benefits of the Bostik products was the speed of drying, particularly with Screedmaster Rapid DPM which dried within 60 minutes, and allowed Screedmaster Ultimate to be applied quickly, immediately followed by the floorcovering installation.”


Screedmaster One Coat DPM is a two-part, solvent-free surface damp proof membrane, developed to work with calcium sulphate screeds with up to 87% relative humidity (RH). Curing times can be accelerated to as little as three hours when using the Screedmaster One Coat Accelerator additive.

Screedmaster Universal Primer delivers improved flow and curing characteristics for subsequent smoothing compounds, while Screedmaster Ultimate is the ideal compound for use in occupied areas thanks to minimal odour.

Bostik Laybond Vinyl and Pressure Sensitive adhesives offer high bond strength together with a high level of tack and good resistance to plasticiser migration.